INtroducing PANORAMIC'S PATENT PENDING Human Emotion Intelligence (HEI) Tool
"The Human Emotion Intelligence (HEI) tool is a game changer for news releases and the PR Industry overall."
- Paolina Milana, Former Marketwired Vice President of Marketing
Subject: Launching of the Next Generation of Tools for  Corporate Communications & Public Relations 
From the desk of: Kevin Dill
     Does this sound familiar? You'd like more budget for your earned media efforts, but find reluctance because it's not a hard metric or producing a consistent Return on Investment? In this day and age, your clients and owners alike are looking for ROI on their PR investments. Become the Hero your client will brag about and give yourself the best chance at increasing funds for your efforts.

     Please don’t read any further if you are the passive type and prefer to just go with the flow. This is an invitation only product announcement for professionals that are looking for tools to enhance strategies, a tool that will give audience insight like never before – ever.

Equip Yourself With a Tool to Help You Operate at Your Highest Level
     This tool will ensure your messaging resonates with your audience by knowing their emotional make-up, which can now be done utilizing “Mood Predicting” Artificial Intelligence.

     Despite your vast experience in delivering messages that best tell your clients story, you’ve not done it with knowledge of your audience’s 6th sense. This has not been available…until now!
This brand new, patent pending technology will open your eyes to connecting with your targeted audience, in a way that has never been done before, and with authenticated results!

     I call it the missing ingredient to maximum engagement with your audiences, resulting in action. Some call it HOPE Marketing, where a message is crafted with HOPE it agrees with the audience, enough for them to take action.  

     It’s crucial to your job, your business and your future to look at this brand new technology that is changing the game of resonating with your audience.  

In 2018, The Only Way Left to Get Significant and Quantifiable PR Results is With Artificial Intelligence. And The Best Tool to do it is HEI
     Hi, my name is Kevin Dill, and you’re about to discover the next evolution in Avatar Development – meaning, to have a complete understanding of your target audience and speaking to them on their level – not yours. 

     You’ve probably mastered where to find your audience; you’ve got all the right contacts and you’ve got a great story.  But if you don’t deliver it in a way that truly resonates with them, expect the ordinary. Why ordinary? Because you can’t expect more until you deliver “Out of the Ordinary”

     By the time you get done reading this you’ll see how introducing science into the equation leaves you no longer hoping, but rather assured that you have crafted messaging that is meeting them where they are, and confident that you have done everything you can to ensure success!  

     Simply write your message as you normally would, then upload your document into this new tool to receive instant, specific instructions as to what you should change, that will result in your audience taking action.  

See If You Qualify to be Part of the BETA Launch  
     So, who am I to make such a bold claim? Approximately 11 years ago I recognized an opportunity to effectively leverage burgeoning social media elements into press releases, increasing the ways in which readers could share content by utilizing social media platforms such as; YouTube and FLICKR enabling readers to share and spread the good news!

     Shortly after I launched my newswire (PRNN), one of the largest newswires came knocking and liked what I had created and saw that it was the future of press release elements and distribution. Within two short years they sold a ton of these enhanced releases and quickly became the largest International newswire.  

     Enough about me...that’s not why you’re here...your here to learn what I have that might make the tremendous difference like what I did 10 years ago. I believe what we’ve created today will have a more profound result than the relatively simple solution we developed 10 years ago.  

     Over the last ten years we’ve all learned that knowledge was at our fingertips.  The verb “googled” represents increased knowledge for all of us. We’ve used it for fun facts, quick definitions of words we think we know the meaning of. But to be sure we “google” it anyway. As a result, we’re all better for it.  

     With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, being able to access science over the last 70 years with technology used by the military and world famous institutions - combined with our patent pending technology, we’re able to analyze sentence structure and derive education reading level, gender, tone, sentiment and even mood from a document. Why is this important? Let me ask you this...if you were an avid reader of suspenseful fiction, and someone told you to read a book that you immediately determined was an autobiography, would you be excited and continue reading, or would you be disappointed and move on? Exactly, you wouldn't continue would you? Same applies with our marketing messages - we’re tasked with enticing our target avatar, to get their attention and keep it, until they take the action we want them to take.  

     We bring up “googling” and how its become just part of our daily will regularly want the assurance that what you’ve written will resonate with your targeted Avatar.  

     Panoramic and the HEI tool is what will deliver this confidence for you and your clients. 

    You’ve probably been crafting messages the same way for years and have had success. We’re not suggesting you can’t continue to do what you’ve been doing, we would like to offer you a tool that will give you an added sense of assurance that your message is best positioned to resonate and create action with your audience.  

     I liken the use of technology to an article written by Kim Komando of USA Today “20 Things we don’t do anymore because of technology” #6 – Telling time by hands on a clock. We know how to read a clock, but seeing a digital display takes the guess work out of the exact time when you read the hands on the clock. 

See If You Qualify to be Part of the BETA Launch  
     The patent pending HEI tool reports are a summary of a culmination of multiple scans of the document, seeking specific information that in essence brings the document to life, a visual representation of who the document is best suited to attract. Imagine a document that was written in a way to appeal to a 55 year old male scientist, compared to one that is written to a 24 year old female fashionista. You can imagine the attention each would give if they read each others mail.  

     These results are anything but assumptions. The report is a patent-pending advanced algorithmic method of extracting different human qualities and attributes from written content. One element of which is compiled by utilizing proven text analysis used in the military in the 60’s and still used today in order to determine reading levels of recruits. 

     As reported recently by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; there were 259,600 “Public Relation Specialist” jobs in 2016 with nearly 23,000 additional positions opening in the workforce by 2026. How does this effect you, well it will in a couple different ways. Firstly, you can continue to do the same thing that you’ve always done, finding yourself in the “same as” category. Like the many many other PR professionals that use the same tools and hope for results. Secondly, you could truly thrive by utilizing tools that will move the needle, that will position you as the hero of PR and corporate communication efforts. Using the HEI tool and reporting, you will separate yourself from all others. 

     We’re looking to partner with a handful of PR professionals that want to make a difference, that don’t want to be the same, but want to be noticed for stepping out and showing your care for the company and client, going above and beyond is how that is shown, and with HEI you’ll prove it. 

     Glenn Gray at Buffalo.Agency wrote an article in Forbes “Why Public Relations Agencies Are Evolving”‘In a 2017 USC Anneberg Global Communication study shows that 87% of professionals believe the term “public relations” will not describe the work they do in five years. Additionally, 60% of marketing executives believe PR and marketing will become dramatically more aligned in the near future.’

     PANORAMIC services, including the HEI tool will help you with this transition, providing solutions that give you and your client a 360 degree view of corporate communications, direct communication with end users, and confidence in messaging that matches up with your specific industry.
This guy is for real, he has a track record of success

     The integration of Artificial Intelligence is what Social Media did for Press Releases 12 years ago – I knew how to integrate and execute to success and will apply that same with the Artificial Intelligence we’ve created with the HEI tool.

     If you’re reading this, we’ve identified you as a robust corporate communicator, we don’t want to change what you’ve been doing and finding success with, we want to make your service even better. 
So if you are using CISION, PR Web ______________ comparisons here
With this, I will be viewed more as a part of the marketing department than the distributor of the marketing department

     By incorporating the PANORAMIC services and HEI tool, with guaranteed brand placement in front of influencers and end users alike, you’ll position yourself as part of the Marketing Department. The ROI can be measured with PANORAMIC, as there is value in crafting the right message, and delivering straight to your targeted AVATAR.

You've Got Nothing to Lose.  See if You Qualify Today!
     In a recently written article in Forbes, “How Artifical Intelligence Will Impact Corporate Communications” by Anthony Petrucci, he writes about the future impact of artificial intelligence on corporate communications and that it’s good. The emphasis of the article was that AI is here today, how it is revolutionizing the digitization of identity and access management – focusing on trust, and how similar tools will assist corporate communicators to resonate and convey trust with their audience.

“If people do not trust the information coming from a corporation, credibility is lost. If people think the communications team is out of touch with market realities, is too slow to take action or doesn’t have a vision for the future, then corporate communications unwittingly gets relegated to a tactical corner, subject to the misperceptions and misgivings of narrow-minded, tactics-obsessed, transactional people.”  - Anthony Petrucci 

     In another article; “How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Business” written by Josh McAllister at, a professional development site for PR and marketing pro’s, Josh writes about the myriad of ways benefit in the way AI is being used, the downsides of using AI for communicating with customers and the importance AI is and will become in communications and brand compliance.

     The biggest takeaway was how a company decides to communicate, has lasting ramifications, it can ultimately affect the perception of a brand. That’s why it’s important to carefully craft the words, sentiment and tone used when communicating, making sure you give your message the best chance of resonating with your audience.

     Imagine this, Sally and Tom are getting ready for a long-awaited cruise, a week of relaxation, reading a book and soaking up the sun. They decide to go to the local book store, which happens to be near a big retailer, with no doubt more selection, but they like the idea of supporting small local businesses. New to the store, they go to the clerk and ask for suggestions. Sally is looking for an autobiography and Tom is looking for a sci-fi thriller. The clerk hands Sally a book that looks like an autobiography of a historical figure, but turns out to be a fictional romance based in the 1800’s. Short of time and perturbed that the book was even suggested, she indicated to Tom she was going next door to the bigger store with more selections…Tom in the meantime is enthralled with the clerks recommended book and decides to stay and continue reading before eventually checking out.

     The moral of the story is this: It’s important, in fact crucial, to communicate on the level of your audience. The clerk himself was a big sci-fi fan, but just a little experience with autobiography subject matter, so its understandable how he nailed the sci-fi selection and biffed on the autobiography choice. But it’s not just limited to subject matter, it’s the readability of your audience, it’s the tone they are accustomed to, the sentiment to which they respond and the mood that is prevalent. 

     As a communication professional, you’re experienced enough to get the gist of what should be said in a messaging piece, but it’s the nuances of how it’s said that makes the difference between inaction and action.

     The HEI tool provides you insight to better communicate with your audience. With its utilization, you will communicate in the best way to all targeted audiences – keeping them engaged to ultimately take the intended action.

 Commonly Used PR tools and Techniques And How PANORAMIC and HEI Will Enhance Each

Information that is communicated as a part of the regular TV or/and radio programs, newspapers, magazines and other types of mainstream media achieves a much bigger impact than advertisements. This is due to the fact that most people consider such information more trustworthy and meaningful than paid ads. The press release is therefore one of the oldest and most effective PR tools.

>>PANORAMIC effect. The HEI tool assists the PR professional in crafting a message that will best resonate with its intended audience, matching the mood and tone of that audience will direct action or perception to the brand.

2) NEWSLETTERS. Sending newsletters – relevant information about the organisation or/and its products/services - directly to the target audience is also a common method to create and maintain a strong relationship with the public. Newsletters offering promotional products are also a common marketing strategy but PR specialists use it to share news and general information that may be of interest to the target audience rather than merely promoting products/services.

>>PANORAMIC effect. The services find and market to like minded audiences, increasing the readership base and can extend impressions beyond sporadic newsletter distribution.

3) BLOGGING. To reach the online audience, PR specialists use the digital forms of press releases and newsletters but they also use a variety of other tools such as blogging and recently, microblogging. It allows them to create and maintain a relationship with the target audience as well as establish a two-way communication.

>>PANORAMIC effect. Just as the HEI tool assists with development of the Press Release, it will do the same with Blog posts, analyzing the post for sentiment, tone and mood. Meeting the audience where they are at makes a tremendous difference in getting and keeping their attention.

4) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Like its name suggests, it is used primarily by the marketing industry. Social media networks, however, are also utilized by a growing number of PR specialists to establish a direct communication with the public, consumers, investors and other target groups.

>>PANORAMIC effect. A SAAS service with dashboard to easily place and monitor all outgoing communications, from paid social media targeting and press release distribution, to monitoring its effectiveness with true reporting from Google and Facebook.

By enhancing with PANORAMIC's services, professionals and clients alike can be assured that their messaging will be consistent through all platforms, with the ability to systematically grow brand awareness.

You've Got Nothing to Lose.  See if You Qualify Today!
     When professionals step out from the normal, business as usual processes in ways of performing the mundane, and get results, they get noticed. Pattern interruption is important to separate yourself from others, to keep you client or your boss engaged with your work, requires something different, something noticeable.
      PANORAMIC’s HEI tool does just that, it gives you a tangible product with proven results, to share with your client or boss, even with the option of your own brand on it. A report that shows how your messaging lines up with the target market. Also included is reporting directly from Google and Facebook, showing precisely the impressions, clicks, reach and where the views are coming from, all under one dashboard and easy web interface.
     Many articles have been written about how to get new PR clients, many tout similar suggestions, here are a couple we tend to agree with. Author William Comcowich writes in a post at that you should provide “Specific metrics for success…such as organic and social traffic, awareness and ROI impact.”
     Maggie Alland concludes in “13 ways to find new PR clients” that the PR firm needs to “Take the time to identify your prospective client’s needs through careful research and then take the extra steps to demonstrate how you can help them achieve their goals.”   PANORAMIC is uniquely positioned to assist you with this. By showing that you know scientifically that your messaging will align with their target audience, you’ll be gaining necessary confidence and ultimately consideration. 

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